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A suite to suit any fancy

B for Bee
Check out Extensis' interactive guide on how to manage fonts, library etc below:
Our Creative Intelligence Suite lets individual contributors, creative leaders, operations experts, and compliance crusaders alike add resilience to their creative operations repertoire.
Creative Operations That Click

Creative Risk Management

Manage fonts and other creative assets with the analytical insight you need to make decisions effective and creative operations way less risky.

Identify potential risks in your projects when you import them into Connect + Insight's powerful Project Risk Scanner, so offending fonts are fixed before production.

Reports & Analytics

Share Font Risk Assessment Reports with teams so they know what fonts to fix if something’s broken, and utilize analytics to both eliminate duplicative fonts and prevent unnecessary repurchases.

Seamless Integration

Sync effortlessly with industry leading creative software including the Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Fonts to keep using your favorite tools.

Efficient Creative Operations

Ensure font license compliance while spending less time managing and more time on work that improves your bottom line.

The Complete Creative Intelligence Suite

Gain access to an evolving Creative Intelligence Suite designed to enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and provide creative risk management for teams half a world apart, or in the same room.

Single Source Of Truth

Plentiful storage lets you keep all your fonts and assets in one central database, ensuring nothing is lost and everything is tracked.

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