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3D Balls in Pride Colors

Bringing graphic designers, publishers, and printers together

3D Balls in Rainbow Background




Simplify the process

Enfocus, a leading software company, is all about simplifying the graphic arts industry and ensuring top-notch quality for PDF files used in print. They have developed innovative tools that streamline workflows, connecting designers, printers, and publishers seamlessly.


Efficient and Accurate

Enfocus goes beyond just checking files for errors before printing. Their solutions offer automatic PDF correction, advanced PDF editing, and workflow automation to guarantee efficient and accurate file exchange.


A Brief Trip Through History

Enfocus was founded by Peter Camps back in 1993. Initially, they focused on creating solutions for editing PostScript files on the NeXT platform. However, as the publishing industry shifted towards the PDF format, Enfocus adapted and expanded their tools to include PDF-based solutions.


A Seamless Process

Enfocus continues to be at the forefront of empowering graphic designers, publishers, and printers with efficient workflow automation and PDF quality control. With their game-changing solutions, the entire production chain, from design to final print, becomes a seamless and connected process.

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