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Turquoise Sky

With the first graphics software for the Windows® platform, Corel changed the way people express and share ideas—and users have been trusting their ideas to Corel products ever since.





Their Mission

Markzware will be continuously innovative to produce the highest quality pre-press and pre-flighting digital output software for the printing and publishing industries, which will increase productivity on both the MacIntosh and Windows platforms. Unwavering in our development, their efforts to keep our quality products up-to-date with the highest technical advances available and at competitive pricing.


Tools that work

Today, Markzware expands its line of affordable data conversion and preflight tools. Their objective is developing tools that work and that provide superb value for our customers. Ease of use and day-to-day labour reduction are key design factors.


Superior Quality Control

Founded in 1992, Markzware was created by Patrick Marchese and Ron Crandall, and Markzware incorporated in 1995. They started with a dream of a superior quality control product for designers and printers which created the preflight industry. 1996 saw the company’s first footprint in Europe, and in 1998, a separate company, Markzware B.V., was created in The Netherlands.


A Greener Future

Markzware products help our industry minimise environmental impact by repurposing content, reducing reprinting, and providing file recovery, reducing ink, chemical, paper, and electrical consumption.

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