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Protecting data since 1984

Image by Michael Dziedzic




Protecting Your Data

Retrospect has been protecting data since 1984, starting as Dantz Development. They were acquired by EMC in 2004, and seven years later, they were spun off again as Retrospect, Inc. Founded in 2011 by longtime Retrospect software team members, it is now dedicated to providing reliable backup and recovery tools for professionals and small-to-midsize businesses. 


Backup Comes First

Being a company focused solely on providing the best backup tools and support for micro, small, and midsize businesses, their direction is crystal clear. As was the case with Dantz, the company that originally created Retrospect more than 20 years ago, backup is once again all they do.


Strive For The Best

Their customers—who can be found in every industry and in more than 80 countries around the world—use Retrospect to protect anywhere from one to 1,000 computers on their networks. It is their strong belief that data protection software should be "backed" up with the best customer support available, which they strive to provide.


Restoring Lost Data

Retrospect protects over 100,000 homes and businesses in over 100 countries, backing up data from as far away as the Hubble Telescope and as close by as your neighborhood dentist. They've been used to restore data nineteen years later as well as the laptop that was just backed up - right before being kicked off the bed by the dog.

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